Welcome to Red Road Farm
  Here in the foothills of Vermont's beautiful Northeast Kingdom, we are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the rare horse known variously as the Spanish Mustang, Barb, Original American Indian horse, and more recently and accurately as the Spanish Colonial Horse.

Founded as a conservancy by writer and filmmaker John Fusco ("Thunderheart," "Hidalgo," "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron") in 1997, the land was ceremonially named Red Road Farm or "Canku Luta," by the late Lakota elder and horseman, Stephen Red Bow who spent his last summers with us, living among the last horses from his people's history and culture. To walk "the Good Red Road," is a commitment and responsibility not taken lightly. We feel privileged to be stewards of these unique horses, preserving them for the next generations.

Over the years we have been home to several unique conservation programs, all with a focus on preserving rare tribal strains. In the 90's, John located and restored the defunct Horse of the America's registry, assembling a breeding herd led by foundation stallion Geronimo. HOA is now a thriving umbrella registry for the breed. In 2005 we launched the Choctaw Conservation Program under the guidance of Dr. Phil Sponenberg of Virginia Tech, helping to preserve the nearly-extinct "Trail of Tears" horses. Among our tribal horse projects was a 2007 research trip and horse trek across Central Mongolia (http://www.horseoftheamericas.com/Mongolia.htm).

Currently, Red Road Farm is home to the Cheyenne Indian Pony "Little Fox" and the 100% Choctaw "Chief Nitikechi."

We are pleased to be working on the Choctaw conservation program in conjunction with Neda Demayo and the Return to Freedom sanctuary in Lompoc, California. Not only has Return to Freedom been instrumental in preserving the Choctaw strain, it is also the protected home of the stallion Spirit--the living mustang prototype for John's animated hero. All donations to help our preservation efforts can be sent as tax-deductible contributions to Return to Freedom through www.returntofreedom.org.

"The horses are returning."
--Lakota Horse Dance Song

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